A fire pit is a wonderful place to bring the family together for evening conversations and special moments.  It is a gathering place for guest who stop in for a visit.  It is a place to slow down and be still. A fire pit is a great back yard asset to enjoy for years.  But first you have to decide where to build it.

Space is a premium in our Littleton back yards, so you may not have many options.  You must consider three things first; safety, safety, and safety.  Our high desert land is dry and we have to be wise when designing firepits for obvious reasons.  With careful planning we can build a safe and beautiful firepit.



Firepits must be 10 feet away from your house or any other structure, your fence and any tree especially with overhanging branches.

Consider your Neighbors:

As you consider “the perfect spot” for your new firepit consider where the smoke may drift.  You may way to adjust the location of your firepit to keep the “air clear” with your neighbor.

Your Site-line when indoors:

When considering firepit construction location think about that “quick trip” in to the kitchen to refill the snack bowl; can you keep your eye on the firepit if you have to step away?   Knowing the status of the fire at all times is key to protecting your family, your home, and that of the neighborhood.

Once you have decided where on your property is ideal for a custom fire pit you must know your neighborhoods rules for firepits.  The Ken Caryl Master Association requires permits as do most HOA’s.   New Stone Hardscapes will be able to help you with this process and provide the materials that they require.

A link to the Ken Caryl requirements can be found here.

A beautiful and safe firepit is worth the extra steps it takes to find the right location.  We would be happy to consult with you.  New Stone Hardscapes – Littleton 720-741-720